How to make a loop Bow Cake Topper


Many bakers, artists of sugar, cake decorators and master bakers have longed to accommodate a popular request of modern bride who is to have her dress that plays on your wedding cake sugar socket.

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Plastic sheeting – is a surprising aplicar.Creado by a chef and mould that has cookie dough consistency and is very easy to mix Putty to bring art turn into both commercial kitchens and household mold, silicone plastique ® has become a valuable tool for the creation of food molds custom worldwide.Mold manufacture has always been considered a difficult task, but with this PuTTY silicone mold a new world of easy mould realization has been possible.

Seal-dit ™-Food sealer grade – stamps wood, plaster, paper, cloth, seashells and almost any porous surface, these proper elements or the application of silicone mold doing materiales.Si a porous material is not sealed, silicone finds its way into microscopic holes in the surface, the cure to a rubber and stay locked mechanically to the superficie.En other words, you will have to copy the object out of the mold ruining the mold and, possibly, the object has doubled.

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