How to make Chocolate Cigarellos (Nati road)

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It’s cheats do choc cigarettes, is a long time, but is infallible and after many attempts failed in real, im going to settle for these:D

Required items

Before you start this you need to cut up his had acetato.He really huge sheets of acetate for this project, which is why the Court in this way.
All of them were cut even because it wanted to make sure all cigarettes were the same size, but if you want that the that different unequal sizes, then you can cut them without measuring or marking the acetate.

Note: You can use vinyl instead of acetate to do this, but the disadvantage is that you will not receive the brightness on the chocolate, which is obtained using acetate

1. Melt the chocolate in a boiler doble.Hacerlo thus boil water in the pot, put water boling in a pot, then set my bowl with chocolate on the side superior.Esto is enough heat to melt chocolate, when water starts to cool down, I am still taking parts of it (not all) and coming with boiling water over.For this project melted white chocolate Bowl and one of the dark.

2 Spread a thin layer of chocolate to the acetate sheet using a spatula or cuchillo.Garantizar chocolate extends only to the line you drew above


3 Piece of acetate bend on a roll, sighted on the outside, so they’re in contact with the two edges that have chocolate on them.

4 Stick with a piece of care since it is a complicated part, and if the tape gets any fat in chocolate, then, not stick.Esto is where helps an ayudante.Gracias Fran cinta.Tenga:)

5. Place the tubes in a dish and put them in the freezer for at least 20 minutes or until you are ready to use in your cake.

6 Lead them out of the freezer, with a sharp knife or hobby slit knife tape.

7. Acetate appears open and the cigearette ready for use


8. Carefully remove the plastic and reserve


9. To make the jaspeado, place a small amount of white chocolate on plastic, disseminate in random patterns with the back of the spoon


10. Using the knife or spatula, some dark chocolate spread over the top, the same procedure as above ensuring dont go top of the line.

11. Of tape and freeze as before.

These cakes were conducted using cigarettes that were made with the action parts

And it was made with cut pieces hand free.

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