Kids birthday cake designs

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My cakes are totally unique, original works of “edible art”. I teach you how to find inspiration hiding in the strangest places – like the bottle of your kid’s chewable vitamins or the stuffed toy you brought back from vacation! Hobbies? Sports? Holidays? All rich sources for ideas.

You can scan through the table of contents to find 20 different cakes with Animal, Holiday, and Portrait Themes. From a sassy hen in honour of a wedding shower “girl’s night out”

Hens Night

… and a kid’s roly-poly hippo cake … to a luscious Easter egg cake, complete with surprises hidden inside, you’ll find a ton of great ideas for your own projects.

Beginning, middle and final photos show you step by step how to create these fun ideas.

The “star and clock” rating system tells you at a glance if the cake is easy or challenging to make and about how much time you’ll need.

You’ll discover not only delicious cake and icing recipes along with step-by-step decorating instructions but also…

  • How much fun working with fondant is … remember play dough?
  • Tips on mixing colours … from a rich black to light skin tones
  • A simple solution to keep your own hands from turning blue or green! And you don’t have to wear gloves either.
  • How to make a chocolate mould
  • How “crumb coating” makes icing a breeze
  • What NOT to do to keep your cotton candy decoration from turning into a sugary puddle!
  • How to make life-like animal icing “fur”
  • How using cookie cutters can speed your decorating time
  • How a “hot knife” can smooth your way to a beautiful finish

Well, I could go on and on. I am so excited to share all these great tips and tricks of the trade as well as those I invented myself out of pure necessity!

And these are really just a tiny sampling of what’s in store when you sign up for my first ebook in the series – “Amanda’s Fun Cake Decorating Ideas – Volume 1”.

Each cake presents step-by-step instructions, complete with photographs … most showing you all the details. I reveal the full story … the mistakes and blunders as well as the successful results.

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