Easy Designs

Some cake decorators say learning to smooth the icing is the hardest part of cake decorating. Practice will make you a professional in not time. Upon getting it down, show it off, even a cake with out many decorations that’s clean and smooth will make an perfectly elegant offering.

As an alternative of icing, cake tops might be dusted with powdered sugar. You’ll be able to select to use a stencil for a more embellished look, or simply the powdered sugar for a clean look.

Edible decorations are an attractive yet easy cake decorating technique. The use of sprinkles, sweet, nuts, and coconut pressed into the icing before it sets, will make your cake stand out.

To apply a textured look for your cake decorating, use a small cardboard comb, available in baking supply stores.

Piping is achieved by utilizing a pastry bag fitted with a metallic tip that is held on by a coupler. That is your most necessary tool for cake decorating. You may make traces, words, shells, flowers, and many different designs on the top or sides of the cake. Fill the bag with no more than 1 cup of icing at a time, twist the top of the bag and preserve steady pressure when piping the design. Use your other hand to guide the tip. It’s wise to find out all the things you can about piping before you begin.

Fondant a smooth white paste, is utilized in complicated cake decorating. Fondant is kneaded and rolled to cover cakes with a sleek smooth layer of icing. It is usually used to make designs which might be 3-D. It’s much less tasty than buttercream, but the cake will look sleek and elegant.

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