Cake Decorating Magic

Cake Decorating Magic

This book was written for “average people” with absolutely no baking experience
(or very little), no cake decorating experience, AND even the professional baking veterans.

The techniques and recipes are all laid out in detailed sections that cover every single aspect of cake decorating that you could want to know.

This makes the learning process very easy. You can pick up the book, select a recipe, review the method, and get started instantly!

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Cake Decorating Magic Reveals:

How to go from an amateur cake decorator to a professional quickly

Discover the most popular cake decorating techniques used by professionals

Learn the skills and creative methods used by the professionals

Learn step by step the secrets to topping, filling, and embellishing your cakes

Tips and tricks to designing a cake for any and every occasion

Learn how to start a cake decorating business

Learn 8 or so ways to cut a cake

12 trouble shooting techniques to cake decorating

How to get the smooth soft icing finish that works beautifully for you and your cake

Learn how to make your cake come to life by using simple techniques

Learn the strategies professionals use to making those gorgeous looking flowers

Cake Decorating Secrets

Discover the secrets  to Cake Drcorating,Baking and frosting.

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Amaze Your Family And Friends With These Fun New Cake Decorating Ideas

IMAGINE… The big day finally arrives. Your mother’s 65th surprise birthday party. She has no idea you’ve been learning all sorts of new cake decorating techniques. Wow – the look on her face when she sees her own portrait created on a birthday cake (and I don’t mean using a photograph!). How special is that? copy and past the link above

How to Make the Richest Most Delicious Chocolate Cakes Ever!

Discover the simple tips and techniques that make even amateur cake bakers look like a professional.

There are many little things that make a chocolate cake come out tasting and looking delectable. The first is starting out with a well established Recipe.

Frosted Dreams is Truly a Dream Book.

This ebook not only has all the traditional designs but it also includes some of the most recent and even unheard of and unseen designs. If you are looking fot a good cake decoration ebook, look no further, This is the best you can have.

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“I have seen hundreds of  books on cake decorations but this is the best I ever had.

Frosted Dreams has the most extensive collection of borders and designs. Clearly the best among the equals if there is any. Not only decoration tips but also some unique recipes are also included in the ebook. I bet you won’t find them anywhere else. I found this ebook to be very detailed and easy to understand for anyone even at the beginner’s level.

Usually I am not the publicity girl type, but when I bought this ebook, I couldn’t help but recommend this to all of my friends. If you don’t have Frosted Dreams, you are missing something.”