How to Decorate a Cake with Fresh Flowers.

Decorating a cake with fresh flowers is quite simple. First choose the flowers with which you wish to decorate the cake. When I say choose, I literally mean it. Most of the times flowers are sprayed withcake pesticides, so it is better to pick them from a garden or from a florist. Wash and dry the flowers before using them. You can either decorate each tier with flowers, i.e. make the cake tier out of flowers or you can place a flower bouquet on each tier and cascading flowers on the top. If you like to keep it simple, just sprinkle the entire cake with petals. If you want the flower decoration to stand out, it is better to choose a white cake, as anything suits on it. It will be better to choose edible flowers like lilac, chrysanthemums, gardenias, violet, etc. as people tend to consume them. Read more onĀ free cake decorating ideas.