1. Once you buy mixing bowls, cake pans, spatulas, decorating bags, tips & couplers (not to mention ingredients) you’ve spent over $100.00.
  2. Since many beginners never reallylearn to decorate cakes properly, they do what they can, and simply hope for the best!
  3. Sometimes they get lucky… and sometimes their kids get cake scraps in their lunches.

Now you can learn to decorateunbelievable, jaw-dropping cakesalmost overnight, getting the perfect results you could only dream of before… while decorating cake after cake, exactly how you want it, as consistent as clockwork… and, if you’re like most decorators, turning heads with your very next cake! Impossible? Not if you believe what lifelong professionals and hot new amateursworldwide are now saying.

Dear Friends,

If you’re interested in Decorating Cakes so unbelievably gorgeous people stop what they’re doing and take pictures, then this may be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s why:

In order to avoid total disaster, do you know the most important questions you must ask yourself before you begin any Cake project?

Do you know the closely guarded secret recipe for icing that’s beautiful, easy to work with, and tastes great?

Do you know the super quick and easy way to make perfect icing roses?

If not, you will soon.

Thanks to these amazing new Video Books called, “Cake Decorating Made Easy! Vol. 1 & 2”. They’re written for “regular people” with little or no experience in cake decorating as well as the seasoned pro. The information is broken down into “bite-size chunks” so learning isfast, easy and fun. But, most importantly, there are links to live-action video clips right in the books!

Imagine The Looks On Your Friends Faces The First Time They See Your Deliciously Decorated Desserts

How’d you like to know so much about cakes and decorating your friends start calling you“The Queen of Confections!” How great is that?

And, in addition to the praise and admiration of your friends and family, can you imagine how incredible you’ll feel every time you present your wonderful works of edible art? You’ll feel like you can do anything, right?

Just a few minutes from now you could be planning your next project with “insider” tips and secret recipes that could save you hours of trial and errorand make your dream cakes a reality in a matter of minutes instead of months.

Did you read that? A Matter Of Minutes! Most people never make it past the dreaming stage.

  • You could finally create unbelievable roses quickly and easily by watching it done over and over as many times as you need! (and enjoy the overwhelming feeling of achievement! – Vol. 2)
  • you could make moist, delicious, perfect cakes every time you bake (and save money at the same time! – Vol. 1)
  • You could achieve perfectly smooth icing on every cake – just like the pros! (this “insider tip” alone is worth the price of the whole set! – Vol. 1)
  • You could make the best tasting fondant you and your friends have EVER had!(No matter how many other recipes you’ve tried! – Vol. 2)

Would that be great or what?

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